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Samsung Galaxy A50 – A Midrange Model with Great Value for Money

Through the years, Samsung has been rolling out models ranging from entry-level to flagship handsets to cater to every user and budget. If you are looking for Samsung Galaxy A50 for sale, you might be wondering what you can expect from this midrange model and whether it will give good value for your money or not.

To give you an idea, here are some of the most notable features of Samsung A50.

Premium Design

The Samsung Galaxy A50 boasts of striking ergonomic and slim design. It will sit comfortably in your hand made possible by the seamless curves of all its sides. The device features a back panel that has been crafted using 3D glasstic or plastic with a glass-like appearance to create a very smooth and seamless finish.

There are four color variations of Samsung A50 available and these are blue, coral, black, and white. But, there is more to these colors because each one of them has a gradient coloring that produces colorful reflections like that of the rainbow that depends on the specific angle that you hold your A50.

With the use of plastic, Samsung was able to tone down the overall weight of the device to only 166h that makes the device even more comfortable to hold in your hand.

More Convenient Security

Today’s smartphones are like the user’s treasure box as it contains everything from messages, to contacts, pictures, and more. This is why security measures are extremely important when you choose your brand new device. Samsung A50 has several features that make this easier and more convenient for you.

Face Unlock is one of these features that you unlock your device right away by just holding up your phone to your face. To set it up, the phone’s front camera is going to scan your face then map out your biometric data. It will ensure that only you can grant access to your phone so that your personal information won’t fall into the hands of people with bad intentions.

This device also happens to be the first midranger from Samsung that comes with optical in-screen fingerprint scanner. This not only streamlines the design as it also works similarly through storage and recognition of your finger’s biometrics.

One UI of Samsung comes with Secure Folder function. This security solution allows you to create an encrypted and private space for storing content like photos and other files under an extra layer of protection.

Better One UI Interface

If you already owned a Samsung device in the past, you will surely notice the overhauling and streamlining of the interface for more intuitive performance.

One UI is a ridiculously easy and straightforward to use and become accustomed to, complete with nifty animations and colorful iconography. It clearly focuses on intuition and ease and software and hardware combined in A50 so content will be more accessible for you faster.

There are various options available for you to change the software based on your liking while enhanced tech learns your own behavioral patterns and can adjust accordingly. Make sure you get the best Samsung Galaxy A50 to enjoy all of these features and more!

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