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Cool Things to Do with Samsung Galaxy S10

With the 10th anniversary of the first ever flagship of Samsung, the Galaxy S10, this monumental occasion definitely deserved something special. The newest addition to their lineup has hit the market with new improvements, features, and updates. What made things more exciting is that the line has been composed of three different models that filled up the retail shelves.

But, no matter what specific model you choose, the Samsung S10 will pay for itself with the plethora of improved capabilities and specs. Here is a quick overview of the cool things to try and do with your Galaxy S10:

AI App Prediction

The Galaxy S10 line includes AI features to ensure that it will be a breeze to use your apps. The models can learn and record the habits of the user that lets the phone load in the background those apps that you often visit. This allows you to go through your everyday routine easily and quickly. While you are sleeping, the phone also closes background apps that help save the battery life of Galaxy S10.

Better Fingerprint Reading

You can use the in-display fingerprint reader to unlock your S10 that doesn’t use up a lot of space on your phone as its sensor is built under the screen. The feature is great for people who are not fond of facial recognition. The new reader makes use of ultrasonic wave technology designed for helping the device read your fingerprints’ ridges instead of just using the optical sensor to take a photo.

The technology also works even on low power mode or when the screen has been turned off. There is also no need for you to worry that the reader won’t recognize the print if you have a wet finger. There is also a 3D anti-spoofing technology that prevents unwanted people from getting access to your phone. It allows you to authenticate, make secure payments, and so much more.

Create Your Own GIF from Movies or Videos

The Galaxy S10 comes with a neat feature that lets you transform your favorite clips into a GIF straight from the video player. You simply need to open the gallery app of the phone and play the video as you hit the GIF tool button found on the lower right portion of the screen. The moving image can be cropped to the size that you like or make adjustments to the speed. After you tweaked the GIF to your preference, you can now save the GIF or share it to your social accounts for fun.

It’s Time to Become an Emoji

The Galaxy S10 comes with 3D AR Emoji 2.0. Using the phone’s built in dual cameras, the device will turn your face to a lifelike emoji by tapping the front-facing camera’s capture button. Once you have transformed yourself, just move your head then speak the normal way you do and watch as your emoji head mimics your actions. Smile, wink, or make funny faces all you want and your Galaxy S10 can record all of them with accurate reproduction. The Samsung S10 will let you do all of these cool things and more with your device.

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