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Course Overview
Electrical technology is everywhere. If you can gain skills in electrical engineering, you will be preparing yourself for a secure and well-paid career. This course is designed to start you on your path to becoming an electrical engineer. It starts by introducing you to important safety methods for working with electrical appliances. You will then learn about the different sources and elements of electricity, including voltage, current, A.C., and D.C.
The course then guides you through essential electrical technology such as resistors, inductors, capacitors, and parallel circuits. Finally, you will learn about important electrical system concepts, including phase system power, energy, and power factors. By the end of this course you will have made a really strong step towards a career in electrical engineering.
Registration Requirements
Minimum qualification required for this training program is matriculation (Science / Arts) form any recognized board.
Course Contents
Module 1: Safety Methods
 Lifting and Shifting of Equipment
 Fighting Electrical Fires
 Electrical Shock
 Artificial Respiration Methods
 Step Voltage Due to Lightning
Module 2: Electricity Sources
 Voltage
 Current
 DC Sources in Series
 DC Sources in Parallel
 Polarity of DC and A.C. Circuits
Module 3: Resistors
 Resistance
 Series- Parallel Combination of Resistors
 Voltage Divider Circuit
Module 4: Inductors
 Inductance
 Solenoid Series - Parallel Connection of Inductors
Module 5: Capacitors
 Capacitance
 Types of Capacitors
 Series-Parallel Combination of Capacitors
 Charging and Discharging of Capacitors
Module 6: Basic Laws of Electricity
 Ohm's Law
 Kirchhoff's Laws
 Wheatstone Bridge
Module 7: Single Phase AC Series Circuits
 A.C. Series RL Circuit
 A.C. Series RC Circuit
 A.C. Series RLC Circuit
Module 8: Single Phase AC Parallel Circuits
 AC Parallel RL Circuit
 A.C Parallel RC Circuit
 A.C Parallel RLC Circuit
Module 9:3-Phase System Power, Energy and Power Factor
 Power and Energy
 Power Factor
Study Modes
 Regular Campus Based Training
 Distance Learning Training Program
 Online Training Program
 Experience and Competency Based Certification
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