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A while ago I told you that I was about to start the Ipulse Smooth Skin Extra 12 week Challenge. As it’s my first attempt at IPL Hair Removal (Intense pulsed light) and because it’s a pretty brave thing to try at home as well as a new piece of technology to try, I wanted to do the 12 week programme before simply dishing you up a half-hearted ‘it looked nice’ kind of review.

My 12 weeks are up now and I have to say it’s been a success!
I did an introduction post here but just to sum it up. The SmoothSkin Extra IPL Permanent Hair Reduction System is an at home unit which allows you to treat the areas where you would like your hair minimised or gone forever. Think, under arms, legs, bikini line – you know the kind of thing. It uses intense pulsed light to target the melanin in the hair. Over time this prevents the hair follicle from growing and over more time reduces and eventually stops the hair growth altogether. That’s the basics. Sounds pretty amazing right! If there is one thing I hate its shaving. I literally hate it.
I thought it would be quite a difficult thing to do. I’ve never had IPL professionally. I don’t really have a hair issue as such. But if I can reduce or get rid of my unwanted hair for ever, I’m not going to say no.

The instructions are super easy. The unit itself is pretty much plug in and go. The first thing you must do though is a patch test. Don’t skip it! It’s important to know how your skin will react to the intense light and also if it’s ok for your skin tone. You’ll also realise how easy and painless it is. After 48 hours, if there is no reaction, as there probably won’t be, you can get going on those annoying areas.
The IPL sensor is to work out your skin tone and the amount of melanin that your skin has. Depending on the tone, the sensor knows how much light or energy it needs to zap you with. (It doesn’t hurt but we’ll get to that). I didn’t know if the Ipulse system would be suitable for me because I have quite light skin and red hair. This means I don’t have much melanin in my skin BUT saying that, if there was a scale, I’m probably on the darker side of red and pale. Especially the hair under my arms. It’s definitely a shade darker than my head. But this is why this system has the sensor. To let you know if your skin is ok to work with and also what intensity it needs to be at. You do this my simply my popping the sensor which looks like a thin remote control on the area your treating and pop it back on the unit and that’s it. It sets the intensity for you.
I used the unit once a week for 12 weeks. (Like I said, if you sign up for the Ipulse 12 week challenge, they send you weekly hints, tips and reminders). I personally would say after the 6th week I noticed a difference. It was only when I went to shave the area before using the system that I noticed the hair seemed to be lighter. As if I only shaved it a couple of days before. This was progress! I personally, also noticed that my underarms were softer. Maybe that’s just me
I would say the big difference for me came after week 6. My hair was really minimal and I felt like there was a difference in how quick my hair was growing back. The ‘stubble’ didn’t feel as rough and generally my underarms felt softer. This was a great sign for me as I was never 100% sure if it was work. I was actually quite chuffed. So I’m now on week 13 and I’ve noticed a massive difference. I haven’t used the system this week and I am past what I jokingly call ‘shock treatment’ day and my armpit is smooth! Yes. I say smooth. It doesn’t even feel like it’s been shaved. It feels like it’s been waxed. I can’t lie, there are a couple of TINY areas where there are a couple of fine hairs but I reckon with another session or 2 those will fade away.

Overall great results. I know I may need to use the Smoothskin system to top up occasionally. I’ve going to do it again in a couple of weeks to zap the stray hair and I reckon after that I may only need to do it if I see any strays

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