Rs. 22,000

Natural Blue topaz


Saddar Atrium Mall, Saddar, Atrium Mall, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan


Natural Blue Topaz
Weight # 10.45 carat
Shape # oval faceted
Clarity # eye clean
Origin # london blue
Birthstone # December

Blue Topaz is a brilliant blue colored, semi-precious gemstone from the Topaz mineral family. It comes in a wide range of colors including subtle sky blue to the intense inky blue. In vedic astrology, this gemstone is recommended as the astrological substitute of the precious Blue Sapphire and is worn to gain financial stability, fame, self-confidence and good health.

Who Should Wear Blue Topaz?

Blue Topaz is one of the most popular Topaz varieties in the market today. Most of the people like this gemstone because of its attractive blue color and highly reasonable prices. Astrologically also, this gemstone is considered highly effective and is worn to ward off confusions, anxiety and financial crisis.

Blue Topaz Benefits

Blue Topaz gemstone holds an important metaphysical meaning. According to the learned astrologers, Blue Topaz stone blesses its wearer with wealth, prosperity, courage, humility, success in business and satisfaction in life. Due to its pleasing blue hue, astrologers connect this gemstone with the mighty planet Saturn 
Increases Financial Success & Business Opportunities

– According to sacred texts, wearing a natural Blue Topaz brings prosperity, affluence and success in the wearer’s life. For those struggling in business, wearing a Blue Topaz can help their business prosper and bring it good fortune.

Boosts Concise & Judgement Skills

 – In vedic astrology, Blue Topaz stone for blessing the wearer with wisdom, thereby helps the person to analyze issues, make right decisions and overcome stressful situations in life. This gemstone is considered quite helpful for professionals in the judiciary, research or any administrative posts.

Improves Teeth, Hair & Bone Health

 – In alternative healing therapies, Blue Topaz healing properties are highly revered for curing a variety of physical & mental illness. According to gem healers, Blue Topaz gemstone provides great relief from anxiety and also cures insomnia. It also benefits the health of bones, feet, legs and hair.

Heals Kidney, Heart & Immune System

 – In medical astrology, Jadeite is known for having strong healing properties that help greatly in curing ailments associated with heart, kidney or immune system. This gemstone also benefits people dealing with stress, premature ageing and fertility issues.

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