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GROW (Foliar Spray) GROW isUnique, residual free plant Bio-Stimulator based on Flavonoids naturally occurring compounds in many plants like Moringa, Oolong tea , Agave Cedar , Pine , Cypress and Others plant Extract containing basic nutrients . Plants treated with GROW show better growth and Generative Development, Improved Biomass accumulation and higher efficiency of Photosynthetic Apparatus, water status, membrane integrity and Cell wall Lignifications. GROW reduces the negative impact of stress and builds better tolerance of unfavorable crop growth conditions. GROW increases the yield and yield quality of crops,fruits, Green house and field Vegetables. .Efficiency of Gene Expression: After application GROW constituents penetrate quickly and easily into plant cells and are immediately metabolized in to compounds occurring naturally in plants and perform similar functions. The first changes, clearly seen after 24 hours, are noted on a molecular level. Experiments on model plant showed that the Biostimulator causes considerable changes in gene expression. Among genes with a changed expression level, the vast majority (over 90%) are genes with higher expression, which means that those genes are more,, Efficient ,, in plants treated with Biostimulator . In other words the genes are active only after application of GROW . Those genes are involved amongst other factors in plants growth and Development, Both Vegetative and Generative,Photosynthesis, Plant hormones, Transport and defense response against various stresses. It can be assumed that processes regulated by genes with higher expression Level are more effective. Influence on Plant life Processes on Cellular Level: Numerous studies show that Biostimulator treatment affects most of life processes of plants on cellular Level. The data presented below was obtained during basic studies on model plants grown in controlled conditions. GROW positively affects: A) Photosynthetic Apparatus By : • Higher the leaf Assimilation area • Enhance the total Chlorophyll Content • Enhance the intensity of Photosynthesis B) Enhance Water Management By • Lower the Stomatal Resistance • Higher Intensity of Transpiration • Higher Water uptake by roots C) Chemical Content of : • Higher the activity of Plant Hormones • Higher the lignifications content • Higher the protein content • Higher Carbohydrates • Higher Mineral Uptake D) Improvement of membrane Integrity E) Enzyme activity Enhance F) Higher the Cytoplasmic Streaming Effects on Plant Growth and Development: GROW treatment affects all developmental stages of plants. Basic studies show following positive effects on : A) VEGETATIVE GROWTH Of • Seedlings promote • Shoot Elongation seen • Extensive Root system Developed • More Branches B) GENERATIVE GROWTH • Number of Flowers increase • Number of Fruits increase C) BIOMASS ACCUMULATION & YIELDING • Application of Biostimulator usually causes increase of Biomass accumulation , both fresh weight and dry matter – A Good Yield CONCLUSION: GROW Plant Bio-Stimulator Liquid Fertilizer’s Trigger Foliar Spray. GROW is very easily absorbed into plants. It accelerates the plasma streaming of cells and quickensrooting. It gives vital power to all the cells of plants. It shows distinguished effects on improving germination if seed soaked prior sowing. It enhances growth and fruitication. It has unique effects on improving germination of pollen and elongation of pollen tube. GROW ensures further fertilization and better fruit. USAGES :It can used for Papaya , Cabbage , etc.

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