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The SM700 is a fluidic oscillator type, cold water meter. Water
enters the fluidic oscillator through a nozzle that creates a
jet. When the jet enters the flow chamber, it will initially be
drawn to one of the two diffuser walls and will travel along
the wall through the principle of the Coandã effect and then
exit the flow chamber. Due to the local pressure being lower
by the opposite diffuser wall, the jet will move towards the
other wall and therefore starts to oscillate between one
diffuser wall and the other. Carefully optimized features
within the flow chamber such as a splitter post and feedback
channels provide oscillation across a greater flow range.
This oscillation between the diffuser walls continues while
flow is present where each oscillation represents a specific
volume that has passed through the meter. The oscillation is
monitored by electrodes placed next to each diffuser wall, in
which an electrical current is induced in the jet by a pair of
powerful permanent magnets. Sensing electronics capture
when the oscillations occur and totalize the volume passed
displaying the registered volume on an liquid crystal display.
The meter is for use only with potable cold water up to 120°F
(50°C) and working pressures up to 150 psi.
The meter will register between 98.5% and 101.5%
accurate throughout the normal operating range and
between 97% and 101.5% at low flow as stated within
American Water Works Association Standard C713, latest
version. Accuracy tests are made before shipment, so
no adjustments need to be made before installation.
The construction of the SM700 meters, which complies with
requirements of the AWWA Standard C713, latest revision, is
certified to NSF-61 (including Annex G). The meter consists
of a straight through-flow main case with the connections
lined with polymer, a single piece fluidic oscillator measuring
chamber with no moving parts, and an electronic register
assembly that is mounted onto the measuring chamber.
available in Pakistan 45 pcs are available

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