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10 in 1 Water Quality Testing Pen PH/TDS/EC/ SALT/TEMP/S.G/ORP/H2/Fertile/Resistivity Tester Pools, Aquariums Meter Detector

1. PH value: 0-14
2. TDS value: 0-200000PPM
3. EC value: 0-2000000μs/CM
4. Salinity: 0-20%
5. ORP negative potential: ± 1999MV
6. H2 rich hydrogen: 0-2400PPB
7. Specific gravity of S. G seawater 1.000-1.222
8. Temperature: 0-60 C
9. Nutrient solution concentration: 0-3
10. MQ resistivity: 500-20MQ

Homemade distilled water:

Take a large and a small clean container (make sure the small one is extra clean), fill the large container with water (preferably hot Z water) and put the small container in it

(Do not flood the container), cover the mouth of the large container with plastic wrap and place something like a small stone in the center of the plastic wrap so that the dent is facing the mouth of the small container.

Then you can sit around and wait

Principle: After the water in the container evaporates, the water vapor meets the plastic wrap exothermic liquefaction to form water beads and then flows down the inclined plane, just falling into the small container is clean distilled water.
Calibration with standard buffers:

1. Pour appropriate amount of standard buffer solution 6.86, 4.01 (temperature: 25C) into separate clean beakers.

2. For accurate calibration, separate two beaker each buffer solution, one for rinses the electrode and one for calibration to minimize contamination v standard buffer solutions.

3. Tap ON/OFF to switch ON the power.

4. Put the instrument into the standard buffer, and gently shake until the value is stable, press CAL key, the instrument will enter the automatic calibration state

The value is flashing until the flashing stops and the calibration is completed.

Using pure water (PH value is 7) correction:

1. In order to calibrate accurately, two beakers should be divided into two parts. One beaker is used to rinse the electrode and the other beaker is used to

calibrate to reduce pollution.

2. Tap "ON/OFF" to switch ON the power.

3, calibration, need to put the instrument in pure water, press - button, display 6.86 flashing, the instrument into automatic calibration state, the value will be flashing until flashing stop positive, the display value is 6.86. Complete calibration.

Note: The recommended calibration water temperature is 25 degrees Celsius

Calibration liquid shall be distilled or purified water (PH 7)

Tap water cannot be used, because tap water quality is complex and its PH is unstable, which cannot ensure the correctness of calibration

Note: 1. The electrode should be cleaned after use 2. PH calibration: 1 point or 2 points or 3 points automatically. If the meter cannot recognize the solution, please replace the electrode or contact the supplier. 3. It has been factory calibrated and can be used directly. 4. After completion, clean the electrode with pure water and keep it dry. 5. Stir gently a few times to ensure that there are no bubbles around the electrode. 6. Do not disassemble the meter without permission. Troubleshooting: Ph reset 1. Turn off the meter, press HOLD/TEMP and MODE/CAL at the same time, don't release it.


ON/OFF, then release all buttons, the reset is complete.

Package includes:
1 × Meter.
1 × Buffer PH [email protected]
1 × Buffer PH [email protected]
1 x Buffer PH [email protected]
1 × Buffer ORP Powder
1 × User Manual

Delivery charges 100 Rs for Karachi.
Delivery charges 200 Rs for Over Pakistan.
COD Available.

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